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Here's what the good men at The Muscle Service Station are saying about Eddie:

"...giant-killing guns."

"I think I like his pixs so much because he knows he's got huge huge guns, and he loves to show them off."

"...met eddie at last NOC and his biceps are amazing. He was very obliging to flex them, but beyond that he is a good guy, down to earth and obviously devoted to his young son who was with him."

"I too met him at last year's NOC. He wasn't competing, but he was wearing that tight red shirt that he's been photographed in. I almost fainted when he flexed his guns. No picture that you've ever see can possibly prepare you for arms that big and veiny and muscular. Seemed like a nice guy, too."

"I mean, people were literally gasping and moaning as he flexed on the sidewalk in front of the NOC theater. Men and women asked to be photographed with him."

"I think Eddie would make a great Hercules. Imagine those arms straining to break through chains!"

"Eddie doesn't have guns, he's got freaking artillery!!"

"I'm not one to usually go weak in the knees at a few pics, but those new shots of Eddie send me over the edge. The man is perfection. Those arms, the chest, the shoulder to waist ratio, good God!!!!!! Sorry, but i need a few minutes to recover."

"The man is a GOD!
Sheer perfection!"

"His shoulder and arm development is absolutely's incredible how huge he is...and i'm sure he looks even more massive in person."

"The only thing more beautiful than his photos is watching him move on video."

"I've seen Eddie's arms up close and they're definitely natural (if 22" bi's can ever be called "natural"). He's a living, breathing morph. And seems to be a nice guy, too."

"Holy God, those pictures of Moyzan are unreal. I'm always amazed, when I meet a pro-level bodybuilder in person, how much huger they look than in photos. Somehow photographs never capture their sheer freakiness. But these pics of Moyzan really give you an idea of just how enormous, how freaky, how HUGE he is."