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In one of the most popular bodybuilding television segments ever, Mark Erpelding was featured pumping iron with Eddie Moyzan on "American Muscle" in 1998. Although the two bodybuilders were at noticeably different levels of physique development, Moyzan being much larger and thicker than young Erpelding, there was an undeniable workout chemistry between the two. Clips of the segment surfaced on the internet, leading many to search for more on behemoth Moyzan and his young bodybuilder friend with great promise.  Since the television appearance, Mark has packed on a great deal of muscular size (see 'Then & Now,' below). Although still far off, he is indeed heading toward Moyzan-esque proportions. What's more, Erpelding now participates in the heavyweight division of top national competitions (the same ones as Eddie, to boot). As evidenced by photographs of Mark pumping iron with smaller muscleheads and competing at the 2001 NPC USA, he has moved out of Eddie's shadow and become a veritable bodybuilding talent in his own right.

Mark's Fansite Photo Album
Mark's Repetrope Photo Album


Age: 24
Height: 5' 8"
Contest Weight: 210 lbs. 


1999 NPC Nationals, Heavyweight, no place
2001 NPC USA, Heavyweight, no place


1999 NPC Nationals Men's Prejudging Part 2
1999 NPC Nationals Men's Backstage Posing Part 2
1999 NPC Nationals Men's Pump Room Part 3
2001 NPC USA Men's Prejudging Part 2
2001 NPC USA Men's Backstage Posing Part 3
2001 NPC USA Men's Pump Room Part 3


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