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"The Great Unknown: Is Eddie Moyzan The Best Bodybuilder In The World?"
From Max Sports & Fitness

Eddie Moyzan is the best bodybuilder in the world, you've probably never heard of. Well, he may actually prove he's the best bodybuilder in the world, period-by eventually wining the Mr. Olympia. He's one of the select few in the entire nation who has the potential to do so. Just take a look at the photos accompanying this article if you need proof (and these photos were taken 3 weeks before the 2000 Nationals, in which he took 3rd in the super heavy weight class... I'm still puzzled he didn't turn pro then. For this year's USA, he'll be even bigger and more ripped). But for now, forget about my speculation. Eddie has to turn pro first. Still, during the next 2-5 years, I believe Eddie will rise to the top 5 in the Olympia. He may never beat the superhuman Ronnie Coleman (it's highly unlike that will ever happen), but Eddie has the best chance of anyone currently in the sport. I know those are bold statements, but look again if you need reassurance. Eddie's not just one freaky, flattering pose…from all angles, head-to-toe, front-to-back…he's a "bad man".

So how is it possible someone so phenomenal could have been obscured by relative anonymity for so long? I honestly don't know. From the first time I saw photos of him after he won the NPC Pennsylvania back in 1997, I knew he was something special. I remember seeing Dennis Newman back in the early 1990's as he was coming up in the ranks. It was obvious Dennis was a bodybuilding freak, with the potential to be top 5 in the world, and possibly win the Olympia title. Still he didn't turn pro in his first 2 attempts in 1993 (placing 6th in the USA which Chris Cormier won, and 2nd in the Nationals, which Mike Francois won). But in 1994, Dennis won the USA and was well on his way to greatness as a pro.

However, fate dealt Dennis an almost fatal blow. He was diagnosed with leukemia and his bodybuilding career was sidetracked. He's come back and been impressive in his return. But unfortunately Dennis was never able to actualize the potential that was so evident early in his career.

The reason I mention Dennis Newman is I believe Eddie Moyzan is a modernized, turbo-charged version of Dennis (incidentally Newman was Eddie's favorite bodybuilder when he began training). Eddie has everything (and more) that makes a bodybuilder great-mass (and plenty of it), symmetry and shape, cuts and detailed muscularity. You think of Dennis New man, you think of insane delts, exceptional conditioning-a beautiful, complete, powerful physique. Eddie is all those things, plus monstrous arms, even more size and quality muscle. This isn't suggesting Dennis wasn't great in his prime. He was excellent and would have proven himself as one of the all time greats, had he not been forced to fight for his life against a deadly disease. Dennis was fantastic, but 7 years after he won the USA, the natural evolution and progression of physique development brings Eddie Moyzan to the forefront. The comparison to Newman simply underscores how exceptional Eddie truly is. Like Dennis, Eddie was unsuccessful in his first 2 attempts at turning pro. He was a disappointing 12th in the USA in 1999, then 3rd at the Nationals in 2000. Now at 28, the third time should be the charm. Eddie's poised to attain pro status at this year's USA in Las Vegas and begin his quest for the Mr. Olympia title. I'm saying he's on his way to wining the Mr. Olympia title someday. Those are my words. Eddie is far too humble to presume that. He would be "thrilled to just compete in the Olympia."

Over the past 12 years, I've seen all the best bodybuilders in the world (in top shape, up close and personal): Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier, and Kevin Levrone. I'm not just some " yahoo" off the street. Well, let's not put that to a vote, I may be a " yahoo"…but when it comes to judging bodybuilding talent and quality, I know what I'm talking about. So when I say Eddie is in that class, it's because it's true. But the fact that Eddie is on that level doesn't guarantee any thing. The world is full of unrealized potential. He's still got to prove he's worthy by competing in top shape at the USA and presenting a complete package that warrants pro status. No matter how sure I am of what's Eddie's capable of, he's got to do his part and take care of business on stage. How things actually play out is dependent on a variety of circumstances.

But if there's a better amateur bodybuilder than Eddie in the world, then let him "step up to the mic and bust a freestyle" at the USA. I'll be surprised if someone has what it takes to best Eddie…but anything can happen and he knows it. Eddie is always cautiously optimistic, "There are so many great bodybuilders competing on this level, I just want to finish in the top 5. Of course, I want to win and after taking 3rd last year, I feel it's possible. But right now, I'm just doing everything I can to improve my physique and be in the best possible shape on the day of the contest."

Win or lose, the shroud of obscurity-that has somehow left him conspicuously absent from magazine publicity-will be over forever. He will, no doubt, become a well-known superstar of bodybuilding and a fan favorite. The days of being "super-u n known" are over, and the days of being "super-freaky" are just beginning. Oh yeah, and as great as his physique is, he's an even nicer guy…always a plus.